ISO 11298-4:2021

Plastics piping systems for renovation of underground water supply networks -- Part 4: Lining with cured-in-place pipes
Autor: ISO
Código ICS: 23.040.20


This document, in conjunction with ISO 11298‑1, specifies requirements and test methods for cured-in-place pipes and fittings used for the renovation of water supply networks, which transport water intended for human consumption, including raw water intake pipelines.It applies to independent (fully structural, class A) and interactive (semi structural, class B) pressure pipe liners, as defined in ISO 11295, which do not rely on adhesion to the existing pipeline. It applies to the use of various thermosetting resin systems, in combination with compatible fibrous carrier materials, reinforcement, and other process-related plastics components (see 5.1).It does not include requirements or test methods for resistance to cyclic loading or the pressure rating of CIPP liners where passing through bends, which are outside the scope of this document.It is applicable to cured-in-place pipe lining systems intended to be used at a service temperature of up to 25 °C.NOTE   For applications operating at service temperatures greater than 25 °C, guidance on re-rating factors can be supplied by the system supplier.

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Fecha de Publicación 01/04/2021
Título Secundario Systèmes de canalisation en plastique pour la rénovation des réseaux enterrés d’alimentation en eau -- Partie 4: Tubage continu par tubes polymérisés sur place
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