ISO 11997-3:2022

Paints and varnishes — Determination of resistance to cyclic corrosion conditions — Part 3: Testing of coating systems on materials and components in automotive construction
Autor: ISO
Código ICS: 87.040


This document specifies a method based on a cyclic corrosion test for testing the corrosion protection of automobiles using coating systems on aluminium, steel or galvanized steel.The test method uses corrosive conditions (temperature and humidity ramps and salt spray) to create realistic corrosion patterns. These corrosion patterns are typical for automobiles, and they are comparable in the case of sufficiently similar protective coating systems. In particular, the accelerated test investigates the delamination/corrosion creep that results from defined artificial damage to a coating. Investigations of surface and edge corrosion or investigations of adhesive specimens or components are also covered. This cyclic corrosion test is also suitable for testing corrosion in flanged areas or near gaps.This document was developed for the assessment of coated substrates (test specimens, bodywork and mounted parts) in the automotive industry. Other applications, such as components with unpainted metallic coatings, were not part of the scope of the standardization work. This document was originally developed for coating systems on aluminium, steel or galvanized steel but it can also be used for the assessment of the corrosion resistance of coating systems on other metals and their alloys.

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Fecha de Publicación 07/07/2022
Título Secundario Peintures et vernis — Détermination de la résistance aux conditions cycliques de corrosion — Partie 3: Essais de systèmes de revêtements sur matériaux et composants en construction automobile
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