ISO 15500-16:2020

Road vehicles -- Compressed natural gas (CNG) fuel system components -- Part 16: Rigid fuel line in stainless steel
Autor: ISO
Código ICS: 43.060.40


This document specifies tests and requirements for the rigid fuel line in stainless steel, a compressed natural gas (CNG) fuel system component in accordance with ISO 1127 intended for use on the types of motor vehicles defined in ISO 3833.This document is applicable to vehicles (mono-fuel, bi-fuel or dual-fuel applications) using natural gas in accordance with the ISO 15403 series.It is not applicable to the following:a) liquefied natural gas (LNG) fuel system components located upstream of, and including, the vaporizer;b) fuel containers;c) stationary gas engines;d) container-mounting hardware;e) electronic fuel management;f) refuelling receptacles.

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Fecha de Publicación 03/08/2020
Título Secundario Véhicules routiers -- Composants des systèmes de combustible gaz naturel comprimé (GNC) -- Partie 16: Tuyauterie rigide pour combustible en acier inoxydable
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