ISO 16355-1:2021

Application of statistical and related methods to new technology and product development process -- Part 1: General principles and perspectives of quality function deployment (QFD)
Autor: ISO
Código ICS: 03.120.30


This part of ISO 16355 describes the quality function deployment (QFD) process, its purpose, users, and tools. It does not provide requirements or guidelines for organizations to develop and systematically manage their policies, processes, and procedures in order to achieve specific objectives.Users of this part of ISO 16355 will include all organization functions necessary to assure customer satisfaction, including business planning, marketing, sales, research and development (R&D), engineering, information technology (IT), manufacturing, procurement, quality, production, service, packaging and logistics, support, testing, regulatory, and other phases in hardware, software, service, and system organizations.

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Fecha de Publicación 31/05/2021
Título Secundario Application des méthodes statistiques et des méthodes liées aux nouvelles technologies et de développement de produit -- Partie 1: Principes généraux et perspectives de déploiement de la fonction qualité (QFD)
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