ISO 16976-2:2022

Respiratory protective devices — Human factors — Part 2: Anthropometrics
Autor: ISO
Código ICS: 13.340.30


This document is one part of the ISO 16976 series that provide information on factors related to human anthropometry, physiology, ergonomics, and performance for the preparation of standards for design, testing, and use of respiratory protective devices.This document contains information related to anthropometry. In particular, information is given for:—    anthropometric measurement methods;—    anthropometric data for head, face, and neck dimensions;—    anthropometric data for torso dimensions;—    human test panels;—    models of headforms.

Especificaciones de la Norma
Fecha de Publicación 30/09/2022
Título Secundario Appareils de protection respiratoire — Facteurs humains — Partie 2: Anthropométrie
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