ISO 17515-2:2020

Intelligent transport systems -- Evolved universal terrestrial radio access network (E-UTRAN) -- Part 2: Device to device communications (D2D)
Autor: ISO
Código ICS: 03.220.20


This document provides specification on the ITS-Station (ITS-S) access layer for a communication interface (CI) named "ITS-LTE-D2D".This specification is appropriate in the context of LTE-D2D communications that are being used for the dissemination of ITS information from an ITS-SU to other ITS-SUs, where these ITS-SUs can be either vehicle ITS-SUs, roadside ITS-SUs, or personal ITS-SUs, as specified in ISO 21217. It provides a combination of options from relevant ETSI/3GPP releases and ITS-station management standards in ISO 24102 to enable and achieve this objective.ITS-LTE-D2D CIs are based on the evolved-universal terrestrial radio access network (E-UTRAN) device-to-device (LTE-D2D) technology standardized at 3GPP Release 13.This document enables the use of the LTE-D2D technology as an ITS access technology in an ITS station by reference to respective specifications from 3GPP, and by specifying details of the Communication Adaptation Layer (CAL) and the Management Adaptation Entity (MAE) of CIs specified in ISO 21218.

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Fecha de Publicación 04/08/2020
Título Secundario Systèmes intelligents de transport -- Réseau d'accès à la radio terrestre universelle évoluée (E-UTRAN) -- Partie 2: Communications directe entre appareils (D2D)
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