ISO 20078-1:2021

Road vehicles — Extended vehicle (ExVe) web services — Part 1: Content and definitions
Autor: ISO
Código ICS: 43.040.15


This document states the minimum requirements, recommendations, permissions and possibilities for ensuring interoperable web services from an accessing party’s perspective. The document:—    states requirements on the structure and format of resources;—    defines the concept of resource identifiers (direct and correlated);—    provides different resource categories (e.g. anonymous, pseudonymized, technical, and personal resources);—    provides different approaches on how to bundle shareable resources (e.g. resource group or container);—    contains guidelines on how to define the unique resources of an individual application;—    defines the entities and roles, necessary for granting an accessing party access to resource owner’s resources;—    states requirements on how an accessing party accesses resources, including requirements on how to use the defined and referenced technologies, see Table 1.See Annex A for additional information about roles and responsibilities covered by ISO 20078 series.

Especificaciones de la Norma
Fecha de Publicación 30/11/2021
Título Secundario Véhicules routiers — Web services du véhicule étendu (ExVe) — Partie 1: Contenu et définitions
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