ISO 20712-3:2020

Water safety signs and beach safety flags -- Part 3: Guidance for use
Autor: ISO
Código ICS: 01.080.10


This document gives guidance for the selection and use of water safety signs as specified in ISO 7010 and beach safety flags as specified in ISO 20712-2 in aquatic environments. It provides guidance on their location, mounting positions, lighting and maintenance. It also provides guidance on the design and location of multiple signs.This document does not apply to traffic signs for use on the public highway or maritime signalling. It is not applicable to flags for use on firing ranges or to flags used to indicate water quality. It does not cover means of escape signs and their illumination which may be present.NOTE 1 The illustrations in this document are as accurate as possible within the limitations of the printing process.NOTE 2 This document refers to water safety signs which were originally specified in ISO 20712-1[1]. These water safety signs have been integrated in ISO 7010, but are not specifically identified as water safety signs.[1] This document has been withdrawn and replaced by ISO 7010.

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Fecha de Publicación 24/07/2020
Título Secundario Signaux de sécurité relatifs à l'eau et drapeaux de sécurité pour les plages -- Partie 3: Lignes directrices pour l'utilisation
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