ISO 20900:2023

Intelligent transport systems — Partially-automated parking systems (PAPS) — Performance requirements and test procedures
Autor: ISO
Código ICS: 35.240.60


This document addresses light vehicles,[1] for example passenger cars, pick-up trucks, light vans and sport utility vehicles (motorcycles excluded), equipped with partially-automated parking systems (PAPS).This document establishes minimum functionality requirements that the driver can expect and that are to be taken into account by the manufacturer.There are two possible types of PAPS configuration.—    Type 1: the system is supervised by the conventional driver located in the driver’s seat.—    Type 2: the system is supervised by the remote driver (present within or outside the vehicle), who is not necessarily located in the driver’s seat. The vehicle remains in the line of sight of the remote driver.This document addresses minimum requirements and conditions for safety, system performance and function, including human-machine interface (HMI) information content and a description of system operating states, for both types of system.The requirements include the driver, who supervises the safety throughout the system manoeuvres.System test requirements are also addressed, including test criteria, method and conditions.

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Fecha de Publicación 14/02/2023
Título Secundario Systèmes de transport intelligents — Systèmes de stationnement partiellement automatisés (PAPS) — Exigences de performance et procédures d'essai
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