ISO 20957-6:2021

Stationary training equipment -- Part 6: Treadmills, additional specific safety requirements and test methods
Autor: ISO
Código ICS: 97.220.30


This document specifies safety requirements and test methods for treadmills in addition to the general safety requirements and test methods of ISO 20957‑1. It is intended that this document is applied together with ISO 20957‑1.This document deals with significant hazards, hazardous situations and events relevant to stationary training equipment used as intended and under the conditions of misuse foreseeable by the manufacturer (see Clause 4).This document is applicable to power-driven as well as to non-power/manually driven training equipment type treadmills (hereafter referred to as treadmills) with the classes S, H and I and classes A, B and C regarding accuracy.This document is not applicable to treadmills which are manufactured before it publication.

Especificaciones de la Norma
Fecha de Publicación 08/02/2021
Título Secundario Équipement d'entraînement fixe -- Partie 6: Tapis de course, exigences spécifiques de sécurité et méthodes d'essai supplémentaires
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