ISO 21795-1:2021

Mine closure and reclamation planning — Part 1: Requirements
Autor: ISO
Código ICS: 73.020


This document specifies a framework and the processes involved in mine closure and reclamation planning for new and operating mines. Requirements and recommendations are provided on:—    mine closure and reclamation plan objectives and commitments;—    technical procedures and techniques;—    mitigation of socio-economic impacts;—    financial assurance and associated planning;—    mine closure and reclamation planning for unplanned closure;—    post-closure management plan; and—    mine closure and reclamation plan documentation.The following aspects of mine closure and reclamation are not addressed in this document:—    infrastructure such as rail lines, ports, off-site ore loaders, power stations, etc. that are associated with the mine operation, but which are not located at the mine site;—    detailed survey, testing or monitoring methods, detailed engineering procedures, detailed product requirements, or detailed construction and operational procedures; occupational health and safety management related to closure and reclamation, construction and exploration activities;—    relinquishment of a closed and reclaimed mine site, or portions thereof, to a party (governmental or private entity) not related to the mine operator;—    specific requirements for dealing with the radiological aspects of mine closure and reclamation, such as those that occur at uranium mining and processing facilities and other mines at which naturally occurring radioactive materials are present; however, the other aspects associated with closure and reclamation of these mines are included in this document; and—    closure and reclamation of abandoned mines.

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Fecha de Publicación 06/10/2021
Título Secundario Planification de la fermeture et de la restauration des mines — Partie 1: Exigences
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