ISO 22074-7:2021

Railway infrastructure — Rail fastening systems — Part 7: Test method for clamping force and uplift stiffness
Autor: ISO
Código ICS: 45.080


This document specifies the laboratory test procedure for determining the clamping force exerted by the fastening system on the foot of the rail by measuring the force to separate the rail foot from its immediate support. When required, the procedure is also used to determine the uplift stiffness of the fastening system.It is applicable to systems with and without baseplates on all types of sleepers, bearers or elements of ballastless track. The test does not determine the security of the fastening components fixed into the sleeper or other fastening system support.This test procedure applies to a complete fastening assembly. It is not applicable to fastening systems for embedded rail or other fastening systems which do not act on the foot of the rail.

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Fecha de Publicación 12/08/2021
Título Secundario Infrastructure ferroviaire — Systèmes de fixation du rail — Partie 7: Méthode d'essai pour la détermination de l'effort d'application au patin du rail et la rigidité au soulèvement
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