ISO 22095:2020

Chain of custody -- General terminology and models
Autor: ISO
Código ICS: 03.100.01


This document defines a framework for chain of custody by providing:— a consistent generic approach to the design, implementation and management of chains of custody;— harmonized terminology;— general requirements for different chain of custody models;— general guidance on the application of the defined chain of custody models, including initial guidance on the circumstances under which each chain of custody model might be appropriate.This document is applicable to all materials and products. It does not apply to services as final outputs.This document can be used by any organization operating at any step in a supply chain, as well as by standard setting organizations as a reference point for specific chain of custody standards.This document can enhance the transparency of specific claims regarding materials or products and thereby support the reliability of these claims. It is not intended to be used on its own to make or verify such claims.This document is not, on its own, able to support claims about an organization's materials or products. This is misleading, especially to consumers and other end customers, as the existence of a chain of custody system alone does not specify the characteristics or the conditions under which materials or products are produced. This document includes requirements and guidance regarding this issue.

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Fecha de Publicación 19/10/2020
Título Secundario Chaîne de contrôle -- Terminologie générale et modèles
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