ISO 22232-2:2020

Non-destructive testing -- Characterization and verification of ultrasonic test equipment -- Part 2: Probes
Autor: ISO
Código ICS: 19.100


This document specifies the characteristics of probes used for non-destructive ultrasonic testing in the following categories with centre frequencies in the range of 0,5 MHz to 15 MHz, focusing or without focusing means:a) single- or dual-transducer contact probes generating longitudinal and/or transverse waves;b) single-transducer immersion probes.Where material-dependent ultrasonic values are specified in this document they are based on steels having a sound velocity of (5 920 � 50) m/s for longitudinal waves, and (3 255 � 30) m/s for transverse waves.This document excludes periodic tests for probes. Routine tests for the verification of probes using on-site procedures are given in ISO 22232-3.If parameters in addition to those specified in ISO 22232-3 are to be verified during the probe's life time, as agreed upon by the contracting parties, the procedures of verification for these additional parameters can be selected from those given in this document.This document also excludes ultrasonic phased array probes, therefore see ISO 18563-2.

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Fecha de Publicación 18/09/2020
Título Secundario Essais non destructifs -- Caractérisation et vérification de l'appareillage de contrôle par ultrasons -- Partie 2: Traducteurs
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