ISO 23032:2022

Meteorology — Ground-based remote sensing of wind — Radar wind profiler
Autor: ISO
Código ICS: 07.060


This document provides guidelines for the design, manufacture, installation, and maintenance of a WPR. It describes the following:—    Measurement principle (Clause 5). Scatterers that produce echoes and methods of wind velocity measurement are described. The description of the measurement principle mainly aims at providing the information necessary for describing the guidelines in Clauses 6 to 11.—    Guidelines for WPR system (Clause 6). Frequency, hardware, software, and signal processing are described. They are mainly applied in designing and manufacturing the hardware and software of WPR.—    Guidelines for system performance (Clause 7). Measurement resolution, range sampling, radar sensitivity evaluation, and measurement accuracy are described. They can be used for estimating the measurement performance of a WPR’s system design and operation.—    Guidelines for quality control (QC) in digital signal processing (Clause 8).—    Guidelines for measurement products and data format (Clause 9). Measurement products obtained by a WPR and their data levels are defined. Guidelines for data file formats are also described.—    Guidelines for installation (Clause 10) and maintenance (Clause 11).This document does not aim at providing a thorough description of the measurement principle, WPR systems, and WPR applications. For further details of these items, users are referred to technical books (e.g. References [1],[2],[3]).WPRs are referred to by various names (e.g. radar wind profiler, wind profiler radar, wind profiling radar, atmospheric radar, or clear-air Doppler radar). Conventional naming for WPRs should be allowed.

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Fecha de Publicación 16/12/2022
Título Secundario Météorologie — Télédétection du vent basée au sol — Profileur de vent radar
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