ISO 23043:2021

Evaluation methods for industrial wastewater treatment reuse processes
Autor: ISO
Código ICS: 13.030.20


This document specifies the principles and framework for comprehensive evaluation of industrial wastewater treatment reuse processes, including:a) establishing goals and scope;b) illustrating the evaluation procedure; andc) determination of evaluation indicators (technology indicator/sub-indicators, environment indicator/sub-indicators, resource indicator/sub-indicators, economy indicator/sub-indicators).This document describes how to comprehensively evaluate industrial wastewater treatment reuse processes using the proposed calculation approaches and recommended indicators. It does not specify methodologies for single evaluation indicators.The document is intended to provide assistance to a broad range of industrial wastewater treatment and reuse project stakeholders including professionals (planning, management, designers, and operators), administrative agencies (monitoring, assessment, regulation and administration) and local authorities.This document is applicable toa) evaluating comparing and selecting industrial wastewater treatment reuse processes,b) implementing continuous improvements,c) upgrading processes and improving performance for existing treatment and reuse facilities.The intended application of the comprehensive evaluation result is considered within the goal and scope definition.

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Fecha de Publicación 17/03/2021
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