ISO 23319:2022

Cheese and processed cheese products, caseins and caseinates — Determination of fat content — Gravimetric method
Autor: ISO
Código ICS: 67.100.30


This document specifies a method for the determination of the fat content of all types of cheese and processed cheese products containing lactose of below 5 % (mass fraction) of non-fat solids, and all types of caseins and caseinates.The method is not applicable to fresh cheese types containing, for example, fruits, syrup or muesli. For such products, the Schmid-Bondzynski-Ratzlaff (SBR) principle is not applicable due to high concentrations of sugars. For these products, the method using the Weibull-Berntrop principle (see ISO 8262-3 | IDF 124-3[4]) is appropriate.

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Fecha de Publicación 29/03/2022
Título Secundario Fromages et fromages fondus, caséines et caséinates — Détermination de la teneur en matière grasse — Méthode gravimétrique
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