ISO 23696-2:2023

Water quality — Determination of nitrate in water using small-scale sealed tubes — Part 2: Chromotropic acid colour reaction
Autor: ISO
Código ICS: 13.060.50


This document specifies a method for the determination of nitrate as NO3-N in water of various origin such as natural water (including groundwater, surface water and bathing water), drinking water and wastewater, in a measuring range of concentration between 0,20 mg/l and 30 mg/l of NO3-N using the small-scale sealed tube method. Different measuring ranges of small-scale sealed tube methods can be required.The measuring ranges can vary depending on the type of the small-scale sealed tube method of different manufacturers.It is up to the user to choose the small-scale sealed tube test with the appropriate application range or to adapt samples with concentrations exceeding the measuring range of a test by preliminary dilution.NOTE 1   The results of a small-scale sealed tube test are most precise in the middle of the application range of the test.Manufacturers' small-scale sealed tube methods are based on chromotropic colour reaction, depending on the typical operating procedure of the small-scale sealed tube used, see Clause 9.NOTE 2      Laws, regulations or standards can require that the data is expressed as NO3 after conversion with the stoichiometric conversion factor 4,426 81 in Clause 11.NOTE 3   In the habitual language, use of sewage treatment and on the displays of automated sealed-tube test devices, NO3 without indication of the negative charge has become the common notation for the parameter nitrate and especially for the parameter nitrate-N. This notation is adopted in this document even though not being quite correct chemical nomenclature.

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Fecha de Publicación 02/02/2023
Título Secundario Qualité de l'eau — Détermination du nitrate dans l'eau par la méthode à petite échelle en tubes fermés — Partie 2: Réaction colorimétrique à l'acide chromotropique
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