ISO 23742:2024

Test method for the evaluation of permeability and filtration efficiency distribution of bag filter medium
Autor: ISO
Códigos ICS: 13.040.99 ; 91.140.30


This document specifies a measuring method for the distribution of thickness, area mass, gas permeability and collection efficiency in the filter medium, and applies to both woven and non-woven filter medium.This document provides a method for sampling specimen (position, size and number) from the filter medium required to obtain its performance distribution accurately.The purpose of this document is to provide more accurate information about the morphology of the filter medium for users, and not to compare grade the performance of the filter medium.

Especificaciones de la Norma
Fecha de Publicación 07/06/2024
Título Secundario Méthode d'essai pour l'évaluation de la perméabilité et de la distribution de l'efficacité de filtration d'un média filtrant à poches
Páginas Técnicas 18
Idioma Inglés