ISO 24565:2022

Petroleum and natural gas industries — Ceramic lined tubing
Autor: ISO
Código ICS: 75.180.10


This document specifies requirements for ceramic lined tubing (CLT) used in the petroleum and natural gas industries, including configuration and materials, manufacturing, inspection and testing, marking, packaging, transportation, and storage.This document is applicable to CLT manufactured by centrifugal self-propagating high-temperature synthesis.The applicable outside diameter of CLT ranges from 42,16 mm (1,66 inch) to 114,3 mm (4-1/2 inch). The steel grades include H40, J55, and N80 type 1.NOTE      Applicability of this document to other sizes and higher steel grades can be by agreement between the manufacturer and the purchaser.CLT is suitable for extracting multiphase fluid, hydrocarbon gas, hydrocarbon liquid, and water under corrosive, abrasive, wax deposition, scaling, and high temperature environments.

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Fecha de Publicación 26/01/2022
Título Secundario Industries du pétrole et du gaz naturel — Tubes de production avec revêtement céramique
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