ISO 24613-3:2021

Language resource management -- Lexical markup framework (LMF) -- Part 3: Etymological extension
Autor: ISO
Código ICS: 01.020


This document describes an extension to ISO 24613-1 and ISO 24613-2 to support the development of detailed descriptions of common etymological phenomena and/or diachronic information with respect to lexical entries in born-digital and/or retro-digitized lexicons. It provides both a meta-model for such an extension as well as the relevant data categories.

Especificaciones de la Norma
Fecha de Publicación 31/03/2021
Título Secundario Gestion des ressources linguistiques -- Cadre de balisage lexical (LMF) -- Partie 3: Extension étymologique
Páginas Técnicas 22
Idioma Inglés