ISO 30405:2016 EN

Human resource management - Guidelines on recruitment
Autor: ISO
Código ICS: 03.100.30


1 ScopeThis document provides guidance on how to attract, source, assess and recruit people. It focuses on key processes and practices, including:- recruitment policy development;- the flow from the sourcing of potential applicants to the boarding of new recruits;- evaluation and measurement.This document can be used by any organization regardless of type or size.NOTE In larger organizations, the recruitment function is typically carried out by human resource professionals or recruitment experts. In smaller organizations, recruitment can be performed by people without formal human resource training or experience. This document can be used by anyone performing this function, as well as human resource educators and consultants who determine, analyse and report on recruitment.

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Título Secundario Management des ressources humaines - Lignes directrices relatives au recrutement
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