ISO 3548-1:2022

Plain bearings — Thin-walled half bearings with or without flange — Part 1: Tolerances, design features and methods of test
Autor: ISO
Código ICS: 21.100.10


This document specifies tolerances, design features and test methods for thin-walled half bearings with integral flange up to an outside diameter of Do = 250 mm and without flange up to an outside diameter of Do = 500 mm. Due to the variety of design, it is, however, not possible to standardize the dimensions of the half bearings.Half bearings according to this document are predominantly used in reciprocating machinery and consist of a steel backing and one or more bearing metal layers on the inside.In reciprocating machinery, flanged half bearings can be used in connection with half bearings without flange.Alternatively, to serve as a flanged half bearing, it is possible to use a half bearing without flange together with two separate half thrust washers according to ISO 6526, or a half bearing with assembled flanges.NOTE       All dimensions and tolerances are given in millimetres.

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Título Secundario Paliers lisses — Demi-coussinets minces à ou sans collerette — Partie 1: Tolérances, caractéristiques de conception et méthodes d'essai
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