ISO 37155-2:2021

Framework for integration and operation of smart community infrastructures -- Part 2: Holistic approach and the strategy for development, operation and maintenance of smart community infrastructures
Autor: ISO
Código ICS: 13.020.20


This document describes the interactions of smart community infrastructures (interactions between multiple infrastructures, between infrastructures and stakeholders, and between infrastructures and the external environment).It describes the framework (a set of processes and methodologies) for these interactions to ensure the consistency of smart community infrastructures is well identified and managed.There are two potential use cases for this document. The first is for the green field site, where all the smart community infrastructures can be designed and developed at the same time. This is of value to planners and investors of major new infrastructure developments.The second is for the brown field site and builds on the first and will support efficient management of an existing urban area by taking into account the increasing interdependencies of the infrastructures on each other and the way they should be managed as a system of systems. This document will also take into account accelerating technological and environmental changes.Since this framework aims to ensure the consistency among different systems consisting of smart community infrastructures, the scope of this document does not overlap with any existing works that are developed or being developed at the existing TCs addressing issues at individual infrastructure level.NOTE      This document describes a management case (not a management system), i.e. specific processes that an organization needs to follow in order to meet specific objectives of this document.

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Fecha de Publicación 05/05/2021
Título Secundario Cadre pour l’intégration et l’exploitation des infrastructures communautaires intelligentes -- Partie 2: Approche holistique et stratégie pour le développement, le fonctionnement et la maintenance des infrastructures communautaires intelligentes
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