ISO 4779:2021

Chain components for lifting purposes — Forged eye hook with point and latch — Grade 4, stainless steel, solution annealed
Autor: ISO
Código ICS: 53.020.30


This document specifies the requirements for forged eye hooks with point and latch of grade 4 from stainless steel and solution annealed for use preferably as a component in chain slings of welded construction of grade 4 from stainless steel and solution annealed.IMPORTANT — For other applications, e.g. steel wire rope slings or textile slings, it is important that the hook design is checked to ensure its fitness for a safe use.NOTE 1    The grade for the hook according to this document is taken from the grade of the sling chain according to ISO 1835. Both (sling chains and hooks) have identical scopes and values for the working load limit, WLL, according to Table 2 and values for the mechanical requirements according to Table 3. Thus, the direct correlation of hooks to the sling chain is given by the WLL and especially the code system on the product body itself. The grade of the hook does not define any values of the tensile strength of the hook material. For further information, see Annex B.The range of the nominal diameter, dn, of the associated sling chain according to ISO 1835 is from 4 mm to 22 mm.Hooks according to this document are for use in the temperature range –100 °C to +400 °C.These hooks are solution annealed in the finished condition and can therefore be used without restrictions with regard to the corrosion resistance of the steels according to 5.1.NOTE 2    The term “eye hook with point and latch” is taken from ISO 1837:2003, Figure 5.

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Título Secundario Éléments de chaînes de levage — Crochets de levage forgés en acier à bec et à œil — Grade 4, acier inoxydable, recuit d’homogénéisation
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