ISO 4787:2021

Laboratory glass and plastic ware — Volumetric instruments — Methods for testing of capacity and for use
Autor: ISO
Código ICS: 17.060


This document provides methods for the testing, calibration and use of volumetric instruments made from glass and plastic in order to obtain the best accuracy in use.NOTE      Testing is the process by which the conformity of the individual volumetric instrument with the appropriate standard is determined, resulting in the determination of its error of measurement at one or more points.This document is applicable to volumetric instruments with nominal capacities in the range of 100 µl to 10 000 ml. These include single-volume pipettes (see ISO 648), graduated pipettes (see ISO 835), burettes (see ISO 385), volumetric flasks (see ISO 1042 and ISO 5215), and graduated measuring cylinders (see ISO 4788 and ISO 6706).The methods are not intended for testing of volumetric instruments with capacities below 100 µl such as micro-glassware.This document does not deal specifically with pycnometers as specified in ISO 3507. However, the procedures specified for the determination of volume of glassware can, for the most part, also be followed for the determination of a pycnometer volume. For some types of pycnometers, special handling can be necessary.

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Fecha de Publicación 22/11/2021
Título Secundario Verrerie et matériel en plastique de laboratoire — Instruments volumétriques — Méthodes d'essai de la capacité et d'utilisation
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