ISO 6727:2021

Road vehicles -- Motorcycles and mopeds -- Symbols for controls, indicators and tell-tales
Autor: ISO
Código ICS: 01.080.20


This document specifies the symbols, i.e. conventional signs, used to identify certain controls, indicators and tell-tales on a motorcycle/moped[1] and to facilitate their usage.This document also indicates the colours of possible optical tell-tales which warn the rider of the operation or malfunctioning of the related devices and equipment.This document is applicable to those controls, indicators and tell-tales, which, when used, are fitted on the instrument panel or in the immediate vicinity of the motorcycle/moped rider.[1] "Motorcycle/moped" as defined in ISO 3833 but does not include a steering wheel type.

Especificaciones de la Norma
Fecha de Publicación 09/03/2021
Título Secundario Véhicules routiers -- Motocycles et cyclomoteurs -- Symboles pour les commandes, les indicateurs et les témoins
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