ISO 6980-2:2022

Nuclear energy — Reference beta-particle radiation — Part 2: Calibration fundamentals related to basic quantities characterizing the radiation field
Autor: ISO
Código ICS: 17.240


This document specifies methods for the measurement of the absorbed-dose rate in a tissue-equivalent slab phantom in the ISO 6980 reference beta-particle radiation fields. The energy range of the beta-particle-emitting isotopes covered by these reference radiations is 0,22 MeV to 3,6 MeV maximum beta energy corresponding to 0,06 MeV to 1,1 MeV mean beta energy. Radiation energies outside this range are beyond the scope of this document. While measurements in a reference geometry (depth of 0,07 mm or 3 mm at perpendicular incidence in a tissue-equivalent slab phantom) with an extrapolation chamber used as primary standard are dealt with in detail, the use of other measurement systems and measurements in other geometries are also described, although in less detail. However, as noted in ICRU 56[5], the ambient dose equivalent, H*(10), used for area monitoring, and the personal dose equivalent, Hp(10), as used for individual monitoring, of strongly penetrating radiation, are not appropriate quantities for any beta radiation, even that which penetrates 10 mm of tissue (Emax > 2 MeV).This document is intended for those organizations wishing to establish primary dosimetry capabilities for beta particles and serves as a guide to the performance of dosimetry with an extrapolation chamber used as primary standard for beta-particle dosimetry in other fields. Guidance is also provided on the statement of measurement uncertainties.

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Fecha de Publicación 01/11/2022
Título Secundario Énergie nucléaire — Rayonnement bêta de référence — Partie 2: Concepts d'étalonnage en relation avec les grandeurs fondamentales caractérisant le champ du rayonnement
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