ISO 8529-1:2021

Neutron reference radiations fields — Part 1: Characteristics and methods of production
Autor: ISO
Código ICS: 17.240


This document specifies the neutron reference radiation fields, in the energy range from thermal up to 20 MeV, for calibrating neutron-measuring devices used for radiation protection purposes and for determining their response as a function of neutron energy.This document is concerned only with the methods of producing and characterizing the neutron reference radiation fields. The procedures for applying these radiation fields for calibrations are described in References [1] and [2].The neutron reference radiation fields specified are the following:—    neutron fields from radionuclide sources, including neutron fields from sources in a moderator;—    neutron fields produced by nuclear reactions with charged particles from accelerators;—    neutron fields from reactors.In view of the methods of production and use of them, these neutron reference radiation fields are divided, for the purposes of this document, into the following three separate clauses:—    In Clause 4, radionuclide neutron sources with wide spectra are specified for the calibration of neutron-measuring devices. These sources should be used by laboratories engaged in the routine calibration of neutron-measuring devices, the particular design of which has already been type tested.—    In Clause 5, accelerator-produced monoenergetic neutrons and reactor-produced neutrons with wide or quasi monoenergetic spectra are specified for determining the response of neutron-measuring devices as a function of neutron energy. Since these neutron reference radiation fields are produced at specialized and well-equipped laboratories, only the minimum of experimental detail is given.—    In Clause 6, thermal neutron fields are specified. These fields can be produced by moderated radionuclide sources, accelerators, or reactors.

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Título Secundario Champs de rayonnement neutronique de référence — Partie 1: Caractéristiques et méthodes de production
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