ISO 8848:2022

Small craft — Remote mechanical steering systems
Autor: ISO
Código ICS: 47.080


This document specifies design, construction, installation and test requirements for remote mechanical cable steering systems and the output ram interface point to rudders, jet drives, outboard and sterndrive engines for small craft.It is applicable to three distinct classes of steering systems for use on various types of craft:—    standard duty steering systems, for small craft with single and twin installations of outboard engines with a total over 15 kW power, and with rudders, sterndrives and water-jet drives;—    light duty steering systems, for small craft with a single outboard engine of 15 kW to 40 kW power;—    mini-jet steering systems, excluding personal watercraft.NOTE      Standard and light duty steering systems are mechanically interchangeable. A standard duty steering system can be used on a craft designed for a light duty system. However, a light duty steering system cannot be used on a craft that requires a standard duty steering system. Mini-jet steering systems are mechanically differentiated from the previously mentioned systems and can only be used on mini-jet craft as defined in this document.This document does not address emergency means for steering the craft.

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