ISO/IEC 11179-32:2023

Information technology — Metadata registries (MDR) — Part 32: Metamodel for concept system registration
Autor: ISO


This document provides a specification for an extension to a metadata registry (MDR), as specified in ISO/IEC 11179-3:2023, in which metadata that describes concept systems can be registered.The specification in this document, together with the relevant clauses of the specification in ISO/IEC 11179-3, provides the ability to record the following metadata:— concept systems and associated concepts;— relations among concepts in a concept system;— assertions about concepts in a concept system.The metamodel in this document is intended to support the full description of a concept system, including ontologies.Where there is a requirement to register an ontology where the details are defined elsewhere, consider using ISO/IEC 19763-3[8] instead.

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Fecha de Publicación 16/01/2023
Título Secundario Technologies de l'information — Registres de métadonnées (RM) — Partie 32: Métamodèle pour l'enregistrement de systèmes de concepts
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