ISO/IEC 17030:2021

Conformity assessment — General requirements for third-party marks of conformity
Autor: ISO
Código ICS: 03.120.20


This document provides general requirements for third-party marks of conformity, including their issue and use.This document is applicable to third-party marks of conformity issued and used in different forms and various media, including digital representation employing electronically stored and displayed marks, machine readable code, blockchain (distributed ledger) or other electronic means.NOTE 1   This document can also be used as guidance in using marks of conformity in activities other than third-party conformity assessment.NOTE 2   Third-party marks of conformity in accordance with this document also include symbols of recognition, such as accreditation symbols. For consistency of terminology, they are referred to as accreditation marks.NOTE 3   Third-party marks of conformity in accordance with this document can include logos (e.g. the sign of a conformity assessment body or trademarks), symbols (e.g. the representation of recognition in an accreditation agreement or the depiction of the applicable programme) or a combination thereof.NOTE 4   Third-party marks of conformity as a graphic representation of demonstrated conformity in accordance with this document can be a combination of multiple marks (e.g. indications of compliance with several sets of specifications, codes for individually fulfilled specifications).NOTE 5   This document does not apply to markings that provide indication of a designation, a code, or a classification only. Furthermore, it does not apply to graphic representations (e.g. of conformity assessment systems or schemes/programmes) or logos (e.g. of an association of accreditation bodies or an association of conformity assessment bodies).NOTE 6   Third-party marks of conformity are based on a conformity assessment scheme that includes the function of surveillance.

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Fecha de Publicación 09/09/2021
Título Secundario Évaluation de la conformité — Exigences générales pour les marques de conformité par tierce partie
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