ISO/IEC 23090-14:2023

Information technology — Coded representation of immersive media — Part 14: Scene description
Autor: ISO


This document specifies extensions to existing scene description formats in order to support MPEG media, in particular immersive media. MPEG media includes but is not limited to media encoded with MPEG codecs, media stored in MPEG containers, MPEG media and application formats as well as media provided through MPEG delivery mechanisms. Extensions include scene description format syntax and semantics and the processing model when using these extensions by a Presentation Engine. It also defines a Media Access Function (MAF) API for communication between the Presentation Engine and the Media Access Function for these extensions. While the extensions defined in this document can be applicable to other scene description formats, they are provided for ISO/IEC 12113.

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Fecha de Publicación 02/06/2023
Título Secundario Technologies de l'information — Représentation codée de média immersifs — Partie 14: Description de scènes
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