ISO/IEC 23090-17:2021

Information technology — Coded representation of immersive media — Part 17: Reference software and conformance for omnidirectional media format (OMAF)
Autor: ISO


This document specifies the conformance and reference software for omnidirectional media format (specified in ISO/IEC 23090-2). This document describes the reference software modules and the features that is supports. It also provides a description of how the reference software can be utilized.In addition, the document lists and describes test vectors comprising ISO base media file format files, media presentation descriptions, segments and combinations thereof that conform to ISO/IEC 23090-2.

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Fecha de Publicación 22/10/2021
Título Secundario Technologies de l'information — Représentation codée de média immersifs — Partie 17: Logiciel de référence et conformité pour le format de média omnidirectionnel (OMAF)
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