ISO/IEC 23090-8:2020

Information technology -- Coded representation of immersive media -- Part 8: Network based media processing
Autor: ISO


The network-based media processing (NBMP) framework defines the interfaces including both data formats and application programming interfaces (APIs) among the entities connected through digital networks for media processing. Users can access and configure their operations remotely for efficient, intelligent processing. This document describes and manages workflows to be applied to the media data. This process includes uploading of media data to the network, instantiation of the media processing tasks, and configuration of the tasks. The framework enables dynamic creation of media processing pipelines, as well as access to processed media data and metadata in real-time or in a deferred way. The media and metadata formats used between the media source, workflow manager and media processing entities in a media processing pipeline are also specified.

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Fecha de Publicación 18/12/2020
Título Secundario Technologies de l'information -- Représentation codée de média immersifs -- Partie 8: Titre manque
Páginas Técnicas 124
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