ISO/IEC 24458:2022

Information technology – Automatic identification and data capture techniques – Bar code printer and bar code reader performance testing specification
Autor: ISO


This document specifies the performance evaluation specifications of thermal transfer type printers (hereinafter referred to as bar code printers), consumables, and bar code readers (regardless of the reading method) used in bar code systems. The rank of performance is also defined by the evaluation items.This document can be applied to the following evaluation tests by combining ISO/IEC 15416 and ISO/IEC 15415, which define the print qualities of bar code symbols.NOTE      This document is not prevented from being cited in the evaluation of thermal printers using thermal paper and printers using “plain or exclusive paper” (commercial printing, ink jet printers, electrophotographic printers, etc.).a) Print performance of bar code printers (including consumables)b) Brightness and smoothness of “reception paper or label”, and adhesion of the labelc) Strength of reception paper or label on which the bar code is printedd) Reading performance of bar code readerse) Electrical, mechanical and environmental characteristics of bar code printers and bar code readers

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