ISO/IEC 24800-2:2021

Information technology -- JPSearch -- Part 2: Registration, identification and management of schema and ontology
Autor: ISO


This document specifies a series of interfaces to allow disparate systems an interoperable management of image repositories. It also specifies the general rules which govern the usage of metadata in JPSearch and provides a specification which—    provides rules for the representation of image metadata descriptions, consisting of the definition of the JPSearch Core Metadata Schema,—    provides rules for the publication of machine-readable translations between metadata terms belonging to proprietary metadata schemas and metadata terms in the JPSearch Core Metadata Schema, and—    provides rules for the registration and request of metadata schemas and its translation rules or links to them.JPSearch is an extensible standard. The method of extending the structures and rules beyond the JPSearch Core Metadata Schema is provided in this document.

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Fecha de Publicación 13/04/2021
Título Secundario Technologies de l'information -- JPSearch -- Partie 2: Enregistrement, identification et gestion des schémas et de l'ontologie
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