ISO/IEC 39794-16:2021

Information technology — Extensible biometric data interchange formats — Part 16: Full body image data
Autor: ISO
Código ICS: 35.240.15


This document is intended to provide a generic extensible full body image data format for biometric recognition applications requiring exchange of human full body image data. Typical applications are:a) automated body biometric verification and identification of an unknown individual or cadaver (one-to-one as well as one-to-many comparison);b) support for human verification of identity by comparison of individuals against full body images; andc) support for human examination of full body images with sufficient resolution to allow a human examiner to verify identity or identify a living individual or a cadaver.This document ensures that full human body images and image sequence data generated by video surveillance and other similar systems are suitable for identification and verification.The structure of the data format in this document is compatible with ISO/IEC 39794-5. In addition to the data format, this document specifies application-specific profiles including scene constraints, photographic properties and digital image attributes like image spatial sampling rate, image size, etc. These application profiles are contained in a series of annexes.The 3D encoding types "3D point map" and "range image" are not supported by this document.

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Fecha de Publicación 15/06/2021
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