ISO/IEC 8825-1:2021

Information technology -- ASN.1 encoding rules -- Part 1: Specification of Basic Encoding Rules (BER), Canonical Encoding Rules (CER) and Distinguished Encoding Rules (DER)
Autor: ISO
Código ICS: 35.100.60


This document specifies a set of basic encoding rules that may be used to derive the specification of a transfer syntax for values of types defined using the notation specified in Rec. ITU-T X.680 | ISO/IEC 8824‑1, Rec. ITU-T X.681 | ISO/IEC 8824-2, Rec. ITU-T X.682 | ISO/IEC 8824-3, and Rec. ITU-T X.683 | ISO/IEC 8824-4, collectively referred to as Abstract Syntax Notation One or ASN.1. These basic encoding rules are also to be applied for decoding such a transfer syntax in order to identify the data values being transferred. It also specifies a set of canonical and distinguished encoding rules that restrict the encoding of values to just one of the alternatives provided by the basic encoding rules.

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Fecha de Publicación 30/06/2021
Título Secundario Technologies de l'information -- Règles de codage ASN.1 -- Partie 1: Spécification des règles de codage de base (BER), des règles de codage canoniques (CER) et des règles de codage distinctives (DER)
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