ISO/IEC TS 29140:2020

Information technology for learning, education and training -- Nomadicity and mobile technologies
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This document provides a learner information model specific to mobile learning to enable learning, education and training environments to reflect the specific needs of mobile participants. This document provides:— definitions of mobile technology and mobile learning appropriate for all sectors in learning, education and training;— a description of the learner information model for mobile learning;— specific learner information that supports learners engaged in mobile learning activities in learning, education and training environments.— a description of the learner interaction model with mobile systems;— consideration of learner interactions specific to nomadic learners who move from place to place;— initial guidance regarding the issue of privacy.This document does not include:— in-depth technical review of issues related to adaptability to culture, language and individual needs;— broad or in-depth technical interoperability issues of mobile computing domains;— security, authentication or accessibility considerations;— in-depth details regarding privacy;— detailed information regarding complementary work within other organizations that might be relevant.

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Fecha de Publicación 12/10/2020
Título Secundario Technologies de l'information pour l'apprentissage, l'éducation et la formation -- Nomadisme et technologies mobiles
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Idioma Inglés