ISO/TR 13086-5:2022

Gas cylinders — Information for design of composite cylinders — Part 5: Impact testing of composite cylinders
Autor: ISO


This document provides information for the design of composite cylinders related to impact testing and service experience with impact, including:—    low energy impact, which can result from events that can occur during handling or working around cylinders;—    high energy impact, which can result from accidents during transportation, or impact by large objects with velocity;—    drop impact, which can result from handling, where cylinders are dropped or tipped over; and—    high velocity impact, which can result from high energy impact by a small object, such as gunfire, and demonstrates non-shatterability of the cylinder or tube.Where appropriate, field experience relevant to testing requirements is provided.NOTE       Unless otherwise stated, the word “cylinder” refers to both cylinders and tubes.

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Fecha de Publicación 08/06/2022
Título Secundario Bouteilles à gaz — Informations relatives à la conception des bouteilles en matière composite — Partie 5: Essais d'impact sur bouteilles en matière composite
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