ISO/TR 4286:2021

Intelligent transport systems — Use cases for sharing of probe data
Autor: ISO
Códigos ICS: 03.220.01 ; 35.240.60


This document describes various use cases for the sharing of probe vehicle data as a common platform for smart city instantiation. When modernizing a city towards a smart city, it is necessary for information flows across various fields, such as transportation, healthcare, energy, water and other government services, to be effectively managed and shared. Despite efforts from many cities, integrating all databases related to all services has proven to be a cumbersome task. One challenge is the lack of a systematic way that can be modelled for data sharing. The ITS data sharing model for vehicle probe data can serve as the basis for instigating this type of work. To elaborate how vehicle probe data work can be applied to achieve this objective, this document:—    gathers use cases and examples of vehicle probe data sharing around the world, and—    provides use cases for data sharing that are appropriate for smart city ITS mobility solutions.By examining these use cases and current and planned data sharing practices around the world, this document demonstrates how this mechanism can help implement many smart city applications.This document also shows that by combining the vehicle probe data with roadside sensor data, and other important public and private data sources, the services can be operated more effectively.Data collection methods and data or information provisioning are beyond the scope this document. Specifically, this document does not describe items related to the vehicle probe data collection nor the vehicle probe data provision activities as specified by other existing standards such as ISO 19414.

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Fecha de Publicación 18/08/2021
Título Secundario Systèmes de transport intelligents — Cas d'usages pour le partage des données de sondage
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