ISO/TR 5255-2:2023

Intelligent transport systems — Low-speed automated driving system (LSADS) service — Part 2: Gap analysis
Autor: ISO
Códigos ICS: 03.220.20 ; 35.240.60


This document:—    examines and analyses the safety environment for low-speed automated driving services (LSADS);—    describes the safety role supplement to the functional model described in ISO/TS 5255-1;—    describes the supplemental safety points for LSADS;—    describes role for the functional model of service applications for LSADS.This document can contribute to the development of future automated driving system service safety requirement use cases, other than the one described in ISO/TS 5255-1.This document is applicable to services using LSADS-equipped vehicles only.In-vehicle control system is not in scope of this document.

Especificaciones de la Norma
Fecha de Publicación 10/02/2023
Título Secundario Systèmes de transport intelligents — Service de système d'intégration de la mobilité pour la conduite automatisée à basse vitesse (LSAD) — Partie 2: Architecture globale
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