ISO/TS 16975-4:2022

Respiratory protective devices — Selection, use and maintenance — Part 4: Selection and usage guideline for respiratory protective devices under pandemic/epidemic/outbreak of infectious respiratory disease
Autor: ISO
Código ICS: 13.340.30


This document specifies detailed information to assist the responsible person to select, use and maintain respiratory protective devices (RPD) in the context of a pandemic/epidemic/outbreak of infectious respiratory disease at the workplace. This document is intended for workplace applications and to guide those developing pandemic-related respiratory protection programs.The guidance contained in this document is not intended to be exhaustive but highlights important aspects to which attention is given. It is used in conjunction with ISO/TS 16975-1, ISO/TS 16975-2 and ISO 16975-3 for all workplaces, including healthcare.This document focuses on particle filtering RPD only, as respiratory protection against pathogens.This document does not apply to RPD programmes for RPD used exclusively for medical life support respirators and resuscitators.The information contained in this document can be used to assist in the preparation of national or local regulations and guidance; however, this document does not supersede national or local regulations and guidance.This document is not applicable to non-workplace situations.

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Fecha de Publicación 30/11/2022
Título Secundario Appareils de protection respiratoire — Choix, utilisation et entretien — Partie 4: Choix et lignes directrices d’utilisation des appareils de protection respiratoire en cas de flambée/épidémie/pandémie de maladie respiratoire infectieuse
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