ISO/TS 23758:2021

Guidelines for the validation of qualitative screening methods for the detection of residues of veterinary drugs in milk and milk products
Autor: ISO
Código ICS: 67.100.01


This document describes general workflows and protocols for the validation and the verification of qualitative screening tests for the detection of residues of veterinary drugs in liquid milk (raw, pasteurized, UHT and reconstituted milk powders and whey protein extracts) including biological methods. This guideline does not cover the validation of residue analysis by HPLC, UHPLC or LC-MS/MS.This document is intended to be useful for manufacturers of screening test kits, laboratories validating screening methods or tests, competent authorities and dairies or end users of reagents or tests for the detection of veterinary drug residues in milk products. This document facilitates and improves the validation and verification of screening methods. The goals of this document are a harmonization in validation of methods or test kits in order for all stakeholders to have full trust in the result of residue screening and to limit the overlap and multiplication of validation work in different laboratories by sharing the validation results generated by an independent laboratory. Furthermore, a harmonized validation and verification procedure allows for comparison of the performance of different screening methods.This document does not imply that all end users are bound to perform all verification work proposed.The verification of the correct use of reagents/kits for the detection of antimicrobials is not part of the scope of this document.

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Fecha de Publicación 04/08/2021
Título Secundario Lignes directrices pour la validation des méthodes qualitatives de dépistage des résidus de médicaments vétérinaires dans le lait et les produits laitiers
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