ISO/TS 3250:2021

Petroleum, petrochemical and natural gas industries — Calculation and reporting production efficiency in the operating phase
Autor: ISO
Código ICS: 75.020


This document provides requirements and guidance for reporting of production performance data and production loss data in the operating phase by use of production loss categorization. It supplements the principles of ISO 20815:2018, Clause E.3 and Annex G by providing additional details.This document focusses on installations and asset elements within the upstream business category. Business categories and associated installations and plants/units, systems and equipment classes are used in line with ISO 14224:2016, Annex A.The production loss categories given in Annex A are given at a high taxonomic level and supplements the reporting of failure and maintenance parameters as defined in ISO 14224:2016, Annex B.

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Fecha de Publicación 31/08/2021
Título Secundario Industries du pétrole, de la pétrochimie et du gaz naturel — Calcul et rapport d’efficacité de la production dans la phase d’exploitation
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