ISO/TS 4398:2022

Intelligent transport systems — Guided transportation service planning data exchange
Autor: ISO
Códigos ICS: 03.220.30 ; 35.240.60


This document specifies an open, XML-based data format which enables an efficient and unambiguous exchange of static information concerning the operational functionality of the infrastructure, rolling stock and timetable of a track-bound transportation system. The main objective is to enable heterogeneous railway applications to communicate with each other.The purpose of the data format is to facilitate common (integrated) planning of track-bound operations between organizations in the transportation sector.Railway Data Exchange (RailDax) serves as a data exchange format between applications used for railway service planning: connecting information about infrastructure, rolling stock and timetable basics which are necessary for capacity management and timetable planning.This document describes infrastructure and rolling stock from an operational perspective. To achieve this, the infrastructure and rolling stock is described with a clearly defined meaning from an operational perspective.RailDax will typically be used by railway authorities, train operators, infrastructure managers and suppliers to the railway industry for communication between applications serving the use cases listed in Clause 7 in this document.

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Fecha de Publicación 13/09/2022
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